Visit of the Ambassador to a reception center in Hemja, near Pokhara, for children from families in difficulty [fr]

18 April 2017:

The French ambassador, Mr Yves Carmona, visited a reception center for children from families in difficulty in Hemja near Pokhara. The association "Un toit sous l’Himalaya / A roof under the Himalayas", chaired by Mr. François Bernot, in liaison with the NGO "AWAC" chaired by Mr. Kamaro, has financed it for many years.

After being located in Chauni and then Gokarna, due to land pressure, he had to move to Hemja where the association was able to finance the purchase of land and the construction of a pension which could accommodate up to 40 children from ages 6 to 18.

They are supervised by two educators.


Dernière modification : 08/05/2017

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