Two cycling globetrotters passing through Kathmandu, left Paris on June 2004

360 ways : A journey in bicycle to change the world

Peter Kennedy and Christopher Huggins left Paris on bicycles to start a voyage of indeterminate period to make a tour of the world.

These two gentlemen took three months before their departure to launch the project ‘360days’, which would guide them during their travel towards something unknown. They likewise established three partnerships with UNESCO, Goudappel Coffeng, & "World Bicycle" organization. This latter is financed by European Union in order to promote cycling as a mode of transport in the urban area and as a solution of sustainable development.

The project and the dream that Peter and Christopher had in their mind become concrete with each day, with each kilometre, slowly and steadily, alongside the country discovered and the municipality met, which assert to the world their desire to include bicycle in their contemporary system of transport. The participation of the municipalities expands the "Community of cities encouraging the bicycle", and allow them not to be alone when the municipalities consider the bicycles as a solution.

Until present, they have already visited 11 countries and 34 municipalities. Thanks to their effort, the municipalities en route they visited during their travel signed the Charter of International Bicycle, allowing these municipalities to join the World Club of Cities Encouraging Bicycle.

The City of Kathmandu has signed the Charter of World Bicycle, declaring in the international level its desire to count the bicycle as a way of sustainable development. Kathmandu is proud to use bicycle in its peripheral route and wishes to protect the space of bicycle in the city centre around the Buddhist temples, and wishes to share its vision with the other municipalities of the world.

At present, Peter Kennedy and Christopher Huggins are heading for Tibet, to reach Vietnam by the way of Lhasa.

You can keep the follow up of the voyage and the encounters with the municipalities by logging on to . We invite you to sign the visitor’s book, and guest book in order to receive the news in your email account! You can also write to them directly in and

Peter and Christopher wish to thank all those who helped their stay in Nepal to be one of the most cordial one.


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