Translation in Nepali of Sylvain Lévi’s book « Le Népal », published in 1905-1908.

The 23rd of September 2005, Mr. Gérard Toffin, Director of Research at Centre national de la recherche scientifique (Paris) and Professor of Nepali Civilization at Institut national des langues et civilisations orientales (Paris), has delivered a lecture on the role of Guthis (associations) in Newar society and culture.

This conference has been hosted by Social Science Baha, a local academic institution.

This event has been followed by the launching ceremony of the translation in Nepali by Mr. Dilli Raj Uprety, former Ambassador of the Kingdom of Nepal to France, of the first part of « Le Népal », a reference book on Nepal and its history published by Sylvain Lévi in 1905-1908.

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French Ambassador holding up the Nepali translation of the French book, Le Nepal by Sylvain Lévy. At left are Professor David Gellner and Gérard Toffin.


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