Tibetan School Srongtsen Bhrikuti of Kathmandu: 10 years of teaching of French language

Since 1995, the Tibetan Club of Strasbourg sponsors the French classes intended to the Secondary Level students of Srongtsen Bhrikuti School of Kathmandu. This establishment welcomes more than 600 students coming from Tibetan community, among which around 50 students study French language. These French language classes are run by the teachers of Alliance Francaise de Katmandou. Moreover, 134 students are sponsored by the same ‘Tibetan Club of Strasbourg’, 83 by French Ngo ‘Aide à l’Enfance Tibetaine’, and 2 by M. F. Zettel, of Saint Malo.

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary, 10 representatives of Tibetan Club of Strasbourg, teachers of Alliance Française, the directors and teachers of the school, and the Ambassador of France were gathered together amid a function.

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The best students, the members of Club Tibet de Strasbourg, the directors of the school and the Ambassador.
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The Ambassador of France and Mr. Wangchuk Tsering, President of the School
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The best students

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