The French Constitution in Nepali.

The French Embassy, in collaboration with the Alliance française of Kathmandu, has translated into Nepali the pertinent parts of the French Constitution in order to bring a contribution to the ongoing discussions about the New Constitution of Nepal.

This booklet can be obtained, free of charge and of any copyright limitations, at the French Embassy or at The Alliance française. It is also available in electronic format below.

The Translations has been officially presented on September 10th, 2009, to the Honourable Mr. Subash Newang, President of Parliament, by the Interparliamentary group France-Nepal represented by three members of the French Upper House, Senators Yvon Collin (President of the Group) and Senators Simon Sutour and Jean Faure.

PDF - 1.3 Mb
French Constitution in Nepali
(PDF - 1.3 Mb)

The english text of the Constitution can be found on the web site of the French Constutitonnal Coucil.

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