The European Commission signs 11 new grant agreements for human rights support in Nepal (6 January 2006)

The European Commission is underlining its support to civil society organisations working on human rights as well as peace and democracy in Nepal by providing € 1.632 mio. (NPR 142,000,000.00) to their work

The European Commission (EC) Delegation to Nepal is pleased to announce the signature of 11 Human Rights grant contracts, in December 2005. The projects are financed under the European Initiative for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR) allocation for Nepal. The organisations which have received funding have responded to Calls for Proposals open in 2005 and have been selected after screening by EC evaluation committees. The following four larger projects (EIDHR Macro) and seven smaller, short-term interventions (EIDHR Micro) are selected among applications received in the 2005 Calls:

▪ EIDHR Macro (total value € 1.299.000 - NPR 113,000,000.00)

National Peace Campaign for a 3-year project in all five Development Regions on Conflict Resolution and Peace-building in Nepal - capacity building project. (Grant of € 299.520 - NPR 2,60,60,000.00).

Worldview Nepal for a 2½ year project in the Far West, Mid Western and Western Development Regions on Conflict Transformation through more Independent Media and Increased Citizen Participation. (Grant of € 299.251 - NPR 2,60,40,000.00).

Rural Community Development Society for a 3-year project in the Central Development Region on Advocacy for the Rights of Indigenous People. (Grant of € 299.996 - NPR 2,61,00,000.00).

Action Aid Nepal for a 3-year project in the Mid and Far Western Development Regions to Strengthening the capacity of Ethnic Minorities to advocate for their rights and entitlements. (Grant of € 400.000 - NPR 3,48,00,000.00).

▪ EIDHR Micro (total value € 333.100 - NPR 2,90,00,000.00)

Worldview Nepal for a 12-months project Mid Western Region Central Region on Improving the Quality and Coverage of Human Rights. (Grant of € 49.431 - NPR 43,00,000.00)

Mahila Sanskritik Utthan Kendra (Women Cultural Development Centre- WCDC) for a 24-months project in the Central Development Region on Human and Dalit Rights Integrated. (Grant of € 49.832 - NPR 43,40, 000.00)

Nepal Disabled Human Rights Centre (DHRC) for a 12-months project in the Mid-Western and Central Development Regions on Disability Rights and Mainstreaming (Grant of € 42.225 - NPR 36,80,000.00)

Human Rights and Democratic Forum (FOHRID) for a 24-months project in the Central Development Region on Ending Unlawful Killings and Impunity (Grant of € 45.025 - NPR 39,25,000.00)

INSEC for a 24-months project in the Western Development Region on launching a Campaign on Conflict Mediation and Peace Building (Grant of € 46.587 - NPR 40,55,000.00)

Aarohan Theatre Group for a 18-months project in the Far Western, Mid Western and Central Development Regions on Cultural Initiatives for Peace (Grant of € 50.000 - 43,50,000.00)

Federation of Nepalese Journalists (FNJ) for a 24-months project in the Mid Western, Central, and Eastern Development Regions. Promoting Freedom of Expression and Independent Media in Nepal within a Human Rights and Peace Building Framework (Grant of € 50000 - NPR 43,50,000.00)

EIDHR is a global EU initiative under which projects are supported in 68 countries worldwide. Nepal figures as an EIDHR priority country and support is given to initiatives designed to promote and protect human rights and democratisation as well as efforts aimed at conflict prevention and resolution. Since 2003 the EC has funded 31 EIDHR projects in Nepal amounting to a total value of € 3.6 mio - NPR € 31,32,000.00.

EIDHR projects complement bilateral EC funding schemes in the area of Human Rights, Rule of Law, and Conflict Mitigation.

This type of EC funding is only available in response to published Calls for Proposals. New EIDHR Macro and Micro Calls for Proposals are open for Nepalese organisations from January 2006 onwards for which contracts tentatively will be signed by the end of 2006. All EC Calls for Proposals are announced on the EC Delegation Nepal website.

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