The Ambassador in Mustang

From 10 to 17 June, the Ambassador and his wife made on foot and on horse, from Jomsom to Lo-Manthang, a trip in the Kingdom of Mustang accompanied by the Prince. In Lo-Manghang, they were the guests of the King Jigme Palbar Bista.

The cooperation between France and Mustang is ancient and remarkable especially in the area of solar energy. Among the 100 equipments delivered 10 years ago to the kingdom, all are running in a satisfactory manner and are really appreciated by the locals. The solar energy considerably improves the everyday life of the inhabitants and the rare public service in this deprived country, which do not produce sufficient electricity.

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From left to right: The Prince Jigme S. P. Bista, Raja Jigme Palbar Bista, Mrs. M. Jolivet, the Queen and the Ambassador
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A solar system as small as this one on the roof produces electricity enough for a single house
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A view of the trek : The Prince and the Ambassador. In the background, a part of the Annapurna range

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