Statement by Javier SOLANA, EU High Representative for the CFSP, on Nepal (1 February 2006)

Javier SOLANA, European Union High Representative for the Common Foreign and
Security Policy (CFSP), issued the following statement today, one year after the
dissolution of multi-party government in Nepal on 1 February 2005, and the assumption
of direct power by King Gyanendra:

"One year on, I remain concerned by the lack of progress towards a return to democratic
government at a time when Nepal faces many challenges to its stability.

The European Union has made clear on repeated occasions, as a long-standing friend
and partner of Nepal, that it shares His Majesty’s wish (from his proclamation to the
nation last February) that Nepal be seen as ’a progressive nation, occupying a pride of
place in the international community, where democratic ideals thrive in a peaceful
environment’. This is the right objective and can be attained. But in order for it to
happen there has to be an urgent change of direction to deliver the peace, democracy and other civil liberties that the people of Nepal want and need.

While the EU understands the difficulty of the security and humanitarian situation in the
face of repeated Maoist atrocities, including today’s senseless attack, which we condemn unreservedly, it cannot condone the Government’s restrictions on the exercise of fundamental rights by the Nepalese people and its failure to engage on a negotiated
settlement to the conflict.

It has long been clear that there can be no military solution to the current situation.

I therefore urge the King and his Government to show the necessary leadership and
foresight by restoring all political and civil liberties, resuming dialogue with the main
parties and taking steps towards a cease-fire and inclusive national dialogue to bring an
end to the conflict. The sad failure by the King and his Government to declare a truce
and to engage in dialogue at the time of the recent Maoist unilateral ceasefire was an
opportunity missed.

I, together with the whole EU, will continue to monitor closely the situation in Nepal and
to press for early progress towards peace and genuine democracy."

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