Speech of Ambassador on ‘Nepal France Chamber of Commerce and industry ’

Katmandu the 12th october 2004

France and Nepal have developed a time-proof relation since the end of the XIXth century, through travellers but also at a political level, the then Nepalese Prime* Minister J. B. Rana having led the first official delegation to France at the turn of the previous century. Contemporary official links started in earnest with the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1949 and, soon after, the exchange of Ambassadors.

His Majesty King Mahendra visited France in 1966, President Mitterrand was received in Kathmandu in 1983, and His Majesty King Birendra made a State visit to France in 1994. Moreover, France and Nepal are sharing a large scope of common views and positions on international matters, and our two diplomacies are working hand in hand on the international stage.

These strong friendly links have been sustained by a growing flow of French tourists, the Kingdom of Nepal being an almost mythical destination for our travellers in search of natural beauty and spiritual richness.

Our bilateral economic relations are nevertheless still laging behind. In this respect, the new edition of the « Nepal Trade Promotion Expo », organized in Paris by the Nepal-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris, will help to boost our commercial and economic links, and enable the French businessmen to ascertain the rich and many opportunities that Nepal offers to foreign investors and importers.

I would like to express my deapest heartfelt congratulations to the organizers of this event, which will be held at the prestigious premises of the commodity market of the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry. I wish this exhibition and all participants the greatest sucess.


Ambassador of France in Nepal

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