Research and Orientalism

- The CNRS

The French CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) has a long tradition of missions and collaboration with the Nepali Academia which started in the sixties. Over 26 French researchers have spent extented periods of time in Népal and have authored major works about Nepal.

List of French Scientists involved in Nepal

- Letizia Chiara (Ethnology)
- Toffin Gérard ( Ethnology)
- Ripert Blandine (Géography)
- Sacareau Isabelle (Géography)
- Krauskopff Gisèle (Ethnology)
- Dollfus Pascale (Ethnology)
- Smadja Joëlle (Géography)
- Lecomte-Tilouine Marie (Ethnology)
- Meyer Fernand (Tibétology)
- Viroulaud Lucile (Ethnology)
- Ramirez Philippe (Ethnology)
- Boulnois Lucette (History)
- Jest Corneille ( Ethnology)
- Sihlé Nicolas (Ethnology)
- Satya Shrestha -Schipper (Ethnology)
- Bernède Franck (Ethnomusicology)
- Berardi Tadié Barbara (anthropology)
- Bordes Rémi (Anthropology)
- Cailmail Benoît ( History)
- Fort Monique (Géography)
- Bruslé Tristan (Géography)
- Massonnet Pierrette (Documents)
- Palikarska Lubomira ( Ethnology)
- Aubriot Olivia (Agronomy)
- Delcaillau Bernard (Géodynamics)
- Mugnier Jean-Louis (Géodynamics)

More information about this very rich heritage, together with the biographies of the researches and excerps of their work, can be found in the CNRS web site

Established in 1669, the Institut national des langues et civilisations orientales is giving training in about one hundred foreign languages, and classes about civilization and politics in the concerned areas and countries. « Langues O’ » does have a Nepali language and culture section.

- Singhini Research Center
Founded in 2001 at the instigation of Franck Bernède, a French cellist and ethnomusicologist, Singhini Research Center is a local Nepalese association promoting research, preservation and the promotion of Nepal’s musical heritage.

- Centre d’études Himalayennes
The Centre of Himalayan Studies is a library and documentation centre of Centre national de la recherche scientifique, the main scientific and research network in France. It brings together the holdings of several C.N.R.S. units, including those of Milieux, sociétés et cultures en Himalaya, a research unit specialized in the Himalayan countries.

- Musée Guimet->]
Established in 1889 by Emile Guimet (1836-1918), a renowned industrialist from Lyons, the National Museum for Asian Arts houses important collections, notably those brought back by the French expeditions of the 30’s. After the Second World War, Guimet Museum was granted the whole Asian arts section from Musée du Louvre. Launched in 1996, an overall renovation programme has given Musée Guimet new space for showing its masterpieces.

- Centre des Sciences Humaines, Delhi->]
Established in 1989, C.S.H.-Delhi has gradually shifted its research focus on contemporary India and South Asia. It conducts research, and organizes lectures and seminars in the field of social sciences and humanities.

- Centre d’études de l’Inde et de l’Asie du Sud
Part of Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales, the main universitary and post-graduate French national institution for social sciences, the Centre of India and South Asian Studies has been established in 1967, with a goal to encompass South Asian current main issues in a comparative approach. Its pool of researchers are heading from various academic institutions, such as E.H.E.S.S., C.N.R.S., INALCO.

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