Press release and speech on the closing ceremony of a training organized by French Embassy for Nepal Police officers

Press Release
18 March 2016

French Ambassador to Nepal concluded the training for Nepal Police officers on Investigation techniques to combat child sexual exploitation from March 14th until March 18th, 2016 at the Nepal Police Academy in Maharajgunj.

The training focused on different investigation techniques such as methods of interview (victim and offender), searches, dedicated forensic researches and cyber investigation.

20 Nepal police officers benefited from this training.

The closing ceremony was held on Friday, March 18th, 2016, at the Nepal Police Academy. The certificates of completion were handed out by French Ambassador H.E. Mr. Yves Carmona ( ईभ कार्मोना ) in the presence of Acting Chief of Nepal Police and the Executive Director of Nepal Police Academy, Additional Inspector General Mr. Surendra Bahadur Shah, French Police Attaché Mr. Fabrice Grossir (फाब्रिस ग्रोस्सि ), and Deputy Inspector General Mr Sudip Acharya. Also present was the specialized investigator and instructor from France, Mr. Sebastien Wong (सेबास्तिया वोंग ).

Acting Chief of Nepal Police, AIGP Mr Shah thanked the French government and appreciated the efforts of the instructors. He remarked, “It was an important step for capacity building”


French Ambassador’s speech on March 18th, 2016 at the Nepal Police Academy in Maharajgunj.

Dear Additional Inspector General Mr. Surendra Bahadur Shah,
Dear police officers and trainees,

I am honoured to conclude this training session. Police cooperation is one of the major areas of our excellent bilateral relationship. We have recently stepped up that cooperation in providing and offering French courses to Nepalese police officers, and so for the 3rd consecutive year.

This time, we have organized, along with the Nepalese Ministry of Home Affairs, a training dedicated to “Combating sexual exploitation of children”.

I can assure you that the French government is extremely committed to the protection of children whether in France or abroad. Pedophilia is the only crime for which the French lawmakers have allowed and instructed French judges and police to prosecute French citizens for crimes committed abroad. Therefore, I am greet our mutual will to strengthen police cooperation to that end.

We have to face it, sex tourism involving minors in South Asia is growing in Nepal as well as in India and Sri Lanka. More and more foreign pedophiles, including French perpetrators, have been detected recently.

As an example, we should all keep in mind the forthcoming execution of a major French Letter Rogatory (LR) in Nepal that we expect to be executed in the next few months.

To that end, I express once again our gratitude to the Nepal authorities including the Nepal Police for their involvement and their remarkable work on that field.

This action of cooperation has been initiated by the French ministry of Interior and is also an opportunity to address a strong and clear signal to those of our citizens who would consider committing such atrocities on foreign territories in general and Nepal in particular. The international police cooperation, in this regard, is our best weapon.

The tight cooperation we have established with the Nepalese authorities on the subject of combatting sex tourism involving minors is exemplary. That dedicated training program is one more example of it.

For the past 5 days, you have been attending a training course organized by our Police Attaché, the police commissioner Fabrice GROSSIR, and conducted by one of our most specialized investigator, Mr Sebastien WONG. Consequently I do hope and believe you all had a profitable and useful training.

We are ready to renew that cooperation if the Nepalese authorities wish so in the coming years.

Thank you.



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