Press release: Grant from the French Ministry of Culture to UNESCO/Kathmandu for the conservation of Nepali art objects

Kathmandu, 26 July 2017


The French Embassy hereby announces that the French Ministry of Culture has provided a grant of Euros 10,500.00 to UNESCO/Kathmandu in view of organizing conservation workshop for Nepali art objects.

This grant from the French Ministry of Culture will allow UNESCO to invite art conservators from France to provide training to Nepali experts. This will take place in 2017-18, in close collaboration and under the auspices of the Department of Archaeology (DoA). The workshop is planned to take place at the National Museum (Chhauni, Kathmandu) or at the Patan Museum, depending on objects selected for conservation by the DoA. The outcome will be the conservation of the selected objects and capacity building of national experts.

Objects that will benefit the workshop will be selected from the National Museum collections (with the Department of Archaeology) and will most probably consist of stone sculptures and paintings.

This project also targets the local communities/guthis that often keep precious objects. Selected ones will participate in conserving their communities’ artefacts.

The primary beneficiaries of the Art Conservation Workshop will be national professionals from the Department of Archaeology, relevant national institutions, and local community groups.

The main partners/stakeholders for this project are the Department of Archaeology and the National Museum.

A reception was hosted by the French Ambassador H.E. Mr Yves Carmona at the French Residence to celebrate this occasion.

Media contacts:
-  Deepesh Bidari, Chargé de Mission, French Embassy,
-  Mr David Andolfatto, Consultant, UNESCO/Kathmandu Office,

Please click here for the speech given by the Ambassador at the occasion.


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