NGO’s Meet-Up

24 May 2016:

NGO’s Meet-Up

An informal platform for discussing the post-earthquake reconstruction’s context in Nepal, meeting monthly at Alliance Française in Kathmandu (AFK)

Next meeting: The challenges of reconstruction in a Nepalese VDC one year on.

Friday 27 May 2016
Alliance Française Kathmandu, Teku, at 6pm

The NGO’s Meet-Up is an initiative to bring together NGOs active in Nepal and engaged in the current effort to reconstruct the country after the large earthquakes of 2015. In an informal setting, NGO’s are invited to discuss a different topic each meeting, sharing knowledge, ideas and approaches. Topics will focus on Building Back Better and Safer approaches, in the broadest sense of the concept. Meetings will begin with a brief presentation on the topic, followed by open discussion.
The first meeting on Friday 27 May, led by the French Nepal Research Network and Architecture & Developpement (A&D), will focus on the challenges NGOs face implementing reconstruction throughout the affected districts one year after the earthquakes. Issues such as unsupervised self-reconstruction, limited coverage of government grants, administrative constraints, access to informations or lack of coordination between NGO’s. The event will be a platform for sharing experiences, ideas and proposals for ways of providing BBBS support and housing solutions to the affected households.

Denis Blamont, a geographer from the French Nepal Research Network, will introduce this meeting.

Tea and coffee provided.

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