Mr Arnaud Champy visits Ramechap to see the reconstruction project of Bhimeshwor school [fr]

Kathmandu, June 06, 2017

Deputy Chief of Mission Mr Arnaud CHAMPY visited Ramechap on 5 and 6 June to see the reconstruction project of Bhimeshwor school, funded by a French NGO "Architectes de l’urgence" and a German NGO "Welt Hunger Hilfe".

This project is part of a broader program of reconstruction of 6 schools in two districts with funding of around 1.3 million euros provided by the two NGOs. Also present was Mr. Patrick COULOMBEL, President and founder of "Architectes de l’urgence".

After a year and a half of work, the Bhimeshwor school should receive 7 new buildings at the end of July with a total of 13 classes to accommodate some 450 students.


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