Message by Ambassador Carmona on the occasion of New Year 2017

To all our readers, I am pleased to send you my best greetings for 2017.

This year will be an important year for France with the Presidential elections on 23 April and 7 May followed by the legislative elections few weeks later.

In a world marked in 2016 by many situations that may cast doubt on the solidity or even on the wisdom of democracies, France is proud of her institutions, with a stable Constitution since 1958, along with the necessary amendments over time, and a remarkable coherence of the public authorities.

The last two years have been marked by terrorism in the French territory as in the world abroad. Fortunately, Nepal has not been hit, but we must remain vigilant and observe the security instructions received from our authorities and concerted with the Nepalese authorities. Let us be even more cautious when traveling internationally. In this area as well, I am proud to note our active solidarity with our allies and partners, especially Germany which was recently hit, as we were on 14 July 2016, by an act of blind terrorism. The European Union has embarked upon a strengthening of its security and defense policy. In Kathmandu too, we are engaged in a pragmatic dialogue with our partners.

This Embassy permanently exercises the mission of vigilance and protection of our compatriots which is its responsibility. I would like to thank all those who supported us - those in charge of the French communities, associations such as the “Société de Bienfaisance”. I also invite our compatriots who read us in France not to hesitate to visit this beautiful and welcoming country that is Nepal. They should take the necessary precautions as suggested by this site and follow the "Travelers’ Advice” in order to avoid disappointments and even the tragedies which the ill-prepared travels may lead.

I take this opportunity to thank various Nepali authorities such as Nepal Police and specially the units in charge of the security of the tourists and the diplomatic properties, Nepal Army, Home Ministry, etc. for their help and readiness during the times of crises.

2016 ended with very encouraging signs for the French economy, with a noticeable decrease in the unemployment. The vitality of our international reputation is of great benefit. I salute the economic presence of our compatriots and our Nepali friends representing the interests of the French companies. The past year saw the delivery of a promising feasibility study for the cable car in Kathmandu, the conclusion of contract for the delivery of additional ATR aircrafts in Nepal, decision to add Airbus aircrafts in the national fleet and a promising agreement in the field of document security. There is of course much to be done. Especially in renewable energies which guarantees the long-term success of the Paris Climate Agreement and I stand at the disposal of our companies to support them in their projects which can be part of the development of Nepal.

As in the past, the Alliance Française de Katmandou (AFK) remains a main pillar of our cultural and linguistic activities in Nepal. After a year in office, I am struck by its vitality, which reflects strong interest of the youth from both Nepal and France. With the support of the French government, help from the Nepali companies and the relentless energy of AFK’s Director and her team, AFK is moving to new premises in the beginning of January. I have no doubt that the AFK will be even more successful in the coming days.

My staff and I carry out all these missions with a small but an effective workforce.

Our premises have evolved too. After reinforcement work carried out in 2016, which guarantees the sustainability of the Embassy even in the event of a new earthquake, we should be able to undertake its complete reconstruction in 2017. As for the Residence of France, it has moved to Chundevi, Maharajgunj, since January 1st.

I renew my best wishes for the coming year,

Yves Carmona
Ambassador of France
01 January 2017

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