Local declaration of the Heads of mission of the European Union member states ( 13 September 2004)

EU Heads of Mission strongly condemn the bomb attacks against the American Centre in Kathmandu on 10 September. These attacks represent a serious new development in Maoist tactics and a highly unwelcome direct involvement of the Kathmandu diplomatic community in the Nepal conflict.

EU Heads of Mission recall the EU Presidency statement of 30 July calling for an end to violence and a meaningful and sustainable peace process. Recent threats of violence directed against EU commercial interests and development programmes in Nepal, the Maoist statement of 1 September including their rejection of peace talks with the Government, and the American Centre attacks, all run directly contrary to the EU’s strong desire for an early and peaceful outcome to the conflict in Nepal, and cannot but have consequences for the EU’s own policies.

Royal Danish Embassy Press Release by international community following NHRC’s briefing on 9 September 2004 (Released on 13 September 2004)

On September 9 2004, the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) briefed development partners and the diplomatic community on the human rights crisis in Nepal. The information conveyed by the National Human Rights Commission leaves no doubt in our minds, that both sides to the conflict continue to be responsible for gruesome and continuing human rights violations.

We note the NHRC’s report of a deteriorating human rights situation and wish to express our deepest concern. The current situation in Nepal portrays a climate in which no one is free from fear and insecurity.

On 26 March 2004, His Majesty’s Government of Nepal (HMG/N) made public a human rights commitment document, which outlined 25 points reaffirming Nepal’s commitment to the international human rights conventions and norms to which the country is already a state party. We are dismayed that little has happened since then to implement these commitments for the benefit of the very people from which the Government draws its legitimacy and the state its sovereignty.

Despite their repeated assurances to honour and respect human rights standards, international humanitarian law and the Geneva conventions, the Maoists continue to blatantly disregard and ignore the integrity and rights of ordinary civilians. Political objectives cannot legitimately be pursued through acts of rampant and arbitrary violence and destruction.

We call on both parties to immediately cease the current systematic violation of human rights - and without further delay engage in genuine dialogue with the NHRC for the purpose of signing Human Rights Accords. We also call on HMG/N to finalise its memorandum of understanding with the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to facilitate the necessary technical assistance to the NHRC as soon as possible.

At the same time, we wish to emphasize the imperative need to ensure that the NHRC is given full and unconditional support - by all sides to the conflict - to fulfil its statutory mandate to monitor, investigate and report human rights violations.

British Embassy Canadian Embassy (c/o Canadian Cooperation Office) Delegation of the European Commission DfID Nepal Embassy of Finland Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany Embassy of the French Republic Embassy of the United States of America

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