Local European Union Heads of Mission meet the Prime Minister

On February the 21st, The Prime Minister Mr. G.P. Koirala kindly received the French Ambassador, also local Presidency of the European Union, the Danish Ambassador and the U.K. chargé d’affaires a.i. for an exchange of views about the current political situation in Nepal.

The European Union Heads of Missions underlined, first of all, the necessity to hold the Constituent Assembly polls, according to the schedule fixed by the Nepal Election Commission. Elections are indeed critical for the peace process.

The European Union Heads of Missions forwarded their deep concern about the situation in the Madesh. The violence and the unsatisfied political demands are risking the achievements Nepal has made towards peace. They urged the Government, as all the political parties, to work quickly to secure an agreement that allows representative elections to go forward.

The European Union Local Presidency also stressed that it is crucial that the Nepal Government continues to work towards inclusive, credible, free and fair elections on 10 April.

The European Union Heads of Missions expressed also their concern about the law and order situation. Nepal and Nepalis have been deeply hurt by the blockades in the Terai and the accompanying violence. We are also worried that diplomatic and UN vehicles have been caught up in some of the violence both in the Terai and in other areas. We call on the government, particularly in the run up to elections, to do everything possible to ensure the safety of both Nepalis and international personnel./.

Dernière modification : 05/01/2010

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