La Commission européenne approuve trois nouveaux projets d’assistance aux populations civiles prises dans le conflit (13 janvier 2006)


Kathmandu, 13 January 2006

The European Commission approves 3 new projects that aim at
mitigating impacts of the conflict in Nepal on civilians

The European Commission has signed three grant contracts with a total value of 2.153
M € (NRS 18.73.11) in its so-called “Conflict Mitigation Package 1”. The projects aim at
improving the socio-economic conditions of people in conflict affected areas and at
mitigating the impacts of the conflict in Nepal

The Delegation of the European Commission (EC) to Nepal is pleased to announce the
signing of 3 grant contracts for conflict mitigation projects that will start implementation in
January 2006. The projects are financed by a special budget set aside in the EC Country
Strategy Paper 2002-2006 for Nepal for Conflict Mitigation activities intended to consolidate
democracy and reduce impacts of the on-going conflict. The Conflict Mitigation budget
consists of two packages - these three projects implemented by NGOs, as part of a first
package, and a second package aimed at consolidating human rights and strengthening the
judiciary (for information on the latter, refer to EC press release of 3 January 2006).
The Conflict Mitigation Package 1 has two components : a) confidence building measures for
local communities and b) conflict mitigation through mass communication/media. The aim is
to reduce the conflict potential on vulnerable groups by improving their socio-economic
conditions and to increase the general awareness of these groups of the root causes to the
conflict and the means to address them appropriately. The funding is allocated in response to
a Call for Proposals announced in second half of in 2005 and the following 3 projects were
selected by the EC evaluation committee :

CMP1 - Component a : Confidence building measures for local communities

Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC) will implement a 2-year project on Conflict
Mitigation through Empowerment of Local Communities in the Mid-Western Development
Region (EC grant of € 768,086.87 - NRS 6,68,24,000.00).

The Lutheran World Federation Nepal (LWF Nepal) will implement a 2-year Socioeconomic
Improvement Programme for Ex-Kamaiyas and Other Vulnerable Communities in
the Mid and Far-Western Development Region (EC grant of € 885,894 - NRS

CMP1- Component b : Conflict mitigation through mass communication/media

Search for Common Ground headquartered in Brussels, Belgium and Antenna
Foundation Nepal will implement a 2-year project on Conflict Mitigation through Media in the
Mid-Western Development Region (EC grant of € 498,887.13 - NRS 4,34,03,180.31)

Background :

The European Commission embarked on conflict mitigation activities in Nepal in 2003 when
€615,000 was allocated trough a special EC funding tool - the Rapid Reaction Mechanism -
to 4 pilot projects implemented by (I)NGOs. These projects were finalised in 2004.
The EC Conflict Mitigation Packages are part of the overall EC strategy to support peace,
rule of law and human rights in Nepal and compliment other EC initiatives such as € 5 mio. -
NRS 43,50,00,000.00) earmarked for the OHCHR Human Rights Monitoring Mission and
projects funded under the European Initiative for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR).

For more information : Delegation of the European Commission to Nepal

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