Joint statement by the industrial security group and the European Union Heads of mission in Kathmandu (24 August 2005)

The Industrial Security Group (ISG) and the European Union, represented by their Heads of Mission in Kathmandu, condemn recent Maoist attacks on business concerns as well as their threats of violence which have forced companies to close down operations. These Maoist actions violate the human rights of workers and cause great damage to the livelihoods of thousands of innocent people, their families, and the overall economy of Nepal.

The ISG believes that the Maoist claim to represent worker interests is a pretext for extortion and an illegitimate means to achieve political ends. No legitimate political force, nor workers’ movement, would resort to such tactics.

The forced closures and threats of closure of companies, including foreign joint ventures, continue to hurt the commercial interests of foreign investors in Nepal, deterring future investment in Nepal’s economy. This in turn negatively affects the prosperity of all Nepalis.

In the interests of the people of Nepal and to promote peace and prosperity, the Maoists should cease their violent tactics, withdraw their threat of violence, and allow businesses to operate freely and without fear.


The Industrial Security Group (ISG) comprises representatives of the Embassies of France, Germany, India, the United Kingdom, the United States and the Delegation of the European Commission, along with their bilateral Chambers of Commerce.
This statement is also approved by the European Union, represented by their Heads of Mission in Kathmandu.
This statement is issued by the United States Embassy in Kathmandu on behalf of the Industrial Security Group of which the Embassy is acting Chair.

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