International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

at the Alliance française of Kathmandu

Thursday 8th March

- 12.00 am Theater performance of the oppressed – Basantapur
- 4.00pm Theater performance of the oppressed – AFK garden
- 4.45pm BVS film documentary – Alliance française of Kathmandu (AFK)
- 5.00pm Panel discussion with Sapana Pradhan Malla, Pramada Shah, Sunil Babu Pant and Dr Arju Deuba on Women Human Rights Defenders.
- 6.00pm Rasta and Nattu Performance

Friday 9th of March

- 5.00pm NAG concert (Hip Hop) and Yanik Shrestha & the World Warriors (Stam) performance - AFK
- 6.00pm Discussion mith Ms Shyam Kumari Sah and Ms Marika Jha.


In January 2012, for the first time worldwide, Embassy of France in Nepal has awarded the Human Rights price of the of a French Embassy. It has been presented by Mr. Zimeray to Ms Shyam Kumari Sah, committed activist for the cause of women’s rights. This embodies the will of the French Embassy and the Alliance Française to promote the gender equality in Nepal.
The two days dedicated to women at the AF are a further proof of this commitment.


The introduction made by the interventions of the Theater of the Oppressed, in Basantapur and in the garden of the Alliance Française, has aroused the public interest on violence issues. Then activists, members of NGOs and students gathered for an interesting discussion on woman’s rights defense with famous speakers: Pradan Sapana Malla (lawyer and MP very committed to the defense of women victims of violence), Sunil Babu Pant (MP committed to the defense of the 3rd sex), Dr. Arju Deuba (MP, Saathi founder and activist for the protection of motherhood and against trafficking in women) and Pramada Shah (activist and president of the association BVS Burn Violence Society).

The second day in the Alliance Française was also inaugurated with arts performances, Hip Hop from the NAG crew and Slam with Yannick Shrestha of Word Warriors. Afterwards, His Excellency Jean Charles Demarquis, French Ambassador, welcomed Misses. Shyam Kumari Sah and Manika Jha to give them the opportunity of sharing their activist experience.

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