Inauguration of a school in Kaulethana, Nuwakot

Kathmandu, April 01, 2017

The French Ambassador, Mr Yves Carmona, inaugurated on the 1st of April a new school in Kauléthana, Nuwakot district.

The school was built by the French NGO, HUMANISA, in partnership with the Nepali NGO, Creasion. Like they have done for 15 years, the 5th year students of ISA BTP, a school of engineers from Anglet (South West of France by the Atlantic sea) raised funds during their last year to go to a developing country with a project to build something new. This year, they chose Nepal because they were aware of the destruction caused by the Gorkha earthquake in 2015. Under the guidance of their teachers, they designed the school and chose proper techniques to make it paraseismic at a reasonable cost.

Then, starting from late February 2017, all 55 students arrived in Kauléthana and built the school from scratch, painted and equipped it with new furniture and even notebooks and pencils !

They introduced new techniques for reinforcing the building and transferred that technology to Creasion, which can implement the technique and technology in many other projects.

To celebrate this action, the Ambassador said :

Nepal France relationship is excellent, mostly because of a strong people to people relationship. This school is a testimony to the warm feelings the French people have for Nepali people.

The students have overcome an incredible challenge: build a new school in 5 weeks. This meant hard work and also a great capacity of convincing their counterparts and the authorities that their technique was appropriate.

This work is like the one craftsmen have done for centuries; the masterpiece at the end of their curriculum is their cathedral ! They have formed trust with their Nepali stakeholders and achieved a valuable transfert of technology which can be used by all Nepali involved in reconstruction.

They even transferred to the Nepali students here their passion for rugby, a big novelty in Nepal whereas it is the traditional sport in South West of France.

Finally, I want to underline the fact that a big proportion of the French students present here are young ladies, more than one third. This is not so common in construction works because it’s tough. I know that Nepali women are also used to work hard and I hope that this example will encourage them to become construction engineers too!

Photos by Mr Bishwonath Adhikari (French Embassy)


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