High Mountain Rescue Training 2007, Langtang

The first High Mountain Rescue Training was organized from 26 February to 18 March 2006 in Langtang. This training was conducted by Nepal Mountaineering Instructors’ Association, in cooperation with the French Embassy in Nepal, Nepal Mountaineering Association, Yves Pollet-Villard Foundation of France, the French Gendarmerie Rescue Team (CNISAG), IFREMONT (France) and Nepal National Mountaineering Guide Association.

Rescue operation training at high altitude is beneficial to all mountaineers. Such training helps to minimize the rate of accident in mountaineering activities. Hence, it was decided to continue the same training on a regular annual basis to target some hundred rescuers by 2009, and to establish a rescue squad in Kathmandu as a headquarter as well as regional squads in various parts of Nepal.

In 2007, the second High Mountain Rescue Training was conducted from 6 to 23 February at Langtang, Rasuwa. Five guides were trained with the assistance of two experts dispatched from France. The certificates were granted to the trainees on 27 February by H.E. the Ambassador of France Mr. Michel Jolivet.



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