French Republic Human Rights Award given to Shakti Samuha

The French National advisory Commission on Human Rights has awarded, in 2014, a Special Mention Award "Liberté-Egalité-Fraternité" to the Nepalese NGO, Shakti Samuha, to acknowledge and promote the quality of its work.


Shakti Samuha has been involved in combatting women and children trafficking as well as preventing it. The NGO is also active in returning survivors of trafficking to a normal life, by providing shelter, legal aid, vocational training and counseling.

The program promoted by the Commission is a joint initiative with a French NGO, Planète Enfants, entitled "Learn-Understand-Act". It aims at strengthening the capacities of communities and district authorities to prevent violence against children and women.


Dernière modification : 26/02/2015

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