French Presidential Elections: message by Ambassador Carmona

Message by Ambassador Carmona:

Dear readers and friends,

I am very pleased to say that the French Embassy in Nepal has successfully conducted elections for recent French presidential elections with the invaluable help of French residents who acted as volunteers. 90 resident electors voted on the 23rd April and also on the 7th May.

You can consult the results here (in French) for Kathmandu polling center.

In Kathmandu, as in the whole of France, the choice of openness to the European Union and the world has prevailed, which is a great satisfaction.

Although still provisional, the undisputed results show that Mr. Emmanuel Macron has won the popular vote by a wide margin and is therefore fully legitimate which, as a French citizen, I am very proud of.

I thank all the friends in Nepal who have sent me best wishes for Mr. Macron’s victory.

Mr Macron is expected to start his mission as President when he takes over from Mr. François Hollande on Sunday, the 14th of May. He will then appoint a new Prime Minister and members of the Cabinet. One of their main tasks will be to organize the legislative elections on the 11th and 18th June. For the French residents abroad, including Nepal, the first leg of the legislative elections will take place on the 4th June and our Embassy is already involved in the preparation.

Wishing all of you well,

Yves Carmona

Photo of the new President:

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