European Union Presidency statement on a mutual ceasefire (31 December 2005)

The Presidency of the European Union notes and supports the UN Secretary General’s call on the Government of Nepal and CPN-M to agree a mutual ceasefire. The Presidency also supports the Secretary General’s offer of assistance. As it has said on previous occasions, the EU continues to see a need for the United Nations or other appropriate external body to help broker and monitor a ceasefire agreement and facilitate a peace process.

The Presidency reiterates its call on the King and the Government of Nepal to call a truce, with a view to building the necessary confidence required for a political solution to the conflict. The EU has consistently urged the King to reach out to the political parties to develop a common agenda for a full return to multi-party democracy.

The Presidency also calls upon the CPN-M to extend their ceasefire permanently and unconditionally. The EU welcomed the CPN-M’s original announcement of a unilateral ceasefire in September. EU donors have since welcomed the CPN-M’s formal acceptance of the Basic Operating Guidelines. Extending the present unilateral ceasefire will be an important step towards permanently renouncing violence and participating in a peace process in which the Maoists put their arms verifiably beyond use and rejoin the democratic mainstream.

The Presidency repeats its call for all parties involved to work toward an inclusive national dialogue in Nepal with a view to resolving the underlying causes of conflict.

31 December 2005

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