European Pact on immigration and asylum

European Pact on immigration and asylum

-1.- A French Success, a European success.
Europe has been talking about immigration for the last ten years : the European Pact on immigration and asylum, proposed by France during its’ Presidency, now gives a solid legal basis for policies on that subject, which will of course respect our fundamental norms concerning Human Rights.

- 2.- How new a Pact ?
For the first time, European Member States have defined common goals.
For the first time clear commitments have been made with the corresponding tolls and a calendar.

- 3.- The Pact does not close Europe’s door to legal immigration and plans on consultations with the originating countries.

- 4.- By refusing either a self-centred withdrawal or open borders, the Pact constitutes the middle ground Europe needed.

See the text of the Pact :

PDF - 144.2 kb
European Pact on immigrationa and asylum
(PDF - 144.2 kb)

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