The European Union Ambassadors and Representatives in Kathmandu issued a statement today on the current situation. They said:

“We are disappointed that the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) have decided to withdraw their participation in the Government and deeply concerned that they have announced plans to disrupt the elections.

“These elections are about securing peace and democracy in Nepal. They are in fulfilment of promises made to the Nepalese people that they will be able to decide their own future through a fully representative and inclusive Constituent Assembly and begin building a lasting peace and a prosperous future.

“If the elections cannot be held on time with the full support of all parties this will be a betrayal of the people’s aspirations and damage the credibility of the peace process in their eyes and in the eyes of the international community.

“Accordingly we urge all parties to resolve their differences quickly and peacefully and encourage them to find common ground to ensure the elections are held as planned on 22 November. It is vital that the elections are held in a secure and peaceful environment in which the parties and the voters are confident they can freely express their views. We request all the political forces to give a clear commitment to maintaining public security and to support the Election Code of Conduct.

“The European Union, as a major development partner of Nepal and strong supporter of the peace process, has already made clear its commitment to assisting with these elections. Preparations are now far advanced to bring a substantial Election Observer Mission for the 22 November elections.”

Dernière modification : 05/01/2010

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