Disappearance of Celine Henry ( 20 December 2005)

Statement from Foreign Affairs spokeman :

Our embassy in Nepal and the services of the ministry in Paris are fully mobilized to clarify the disappearance of our compatriot Celine Henry :

- The embassy began the first investigations after having been notified by the family on 7th October and established the fact that the disappearance of our compatriot (which probably occurred around the 3th September) was abnormal. Then it mobilized police and the Nepalese army to carry out this investigations.

- Our ambassador has met the chief of army staff and the director of the Nepalese police. They assured him that everything would be done.

- Moreover the embassy did everything in its power to assist the representative of Celine Henry’s family during his stay in Nepal.

- As soon as it was received on 28 November, the embassy sent the request for international regatory letters from the judge charged with the case in France. It also proposed technical assistance to the Nepalese authorities, such as the use of police dogs.

- Our embassy in Nepal and the concerned services in Paris keep regular contacts with their German counterparts, who have had to deal with a similar situation concerning the disappearance of one of their citizens in the same park around the same time.

- The Minister is personally following this case. No effort will be spared, with the additional support of the local authorities and the Henry family to resolve the situation.

Dernière modification : 04/04/2006

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