Did you know? Some facts about France

17th November 2016
Facts about France

France GDP has increased by +3,5% since the 2008-9 crisis, whereas the euro-zone average was +0,4%. In the meantime, trade balance has improved (-0,7% in 2015) and current account is at – 0,2%. Since the Brexit and the subsequent fall of the pound, France has become the number 5 GDP worldwide and number 2 in Europe.
France is number 1 in continental Europe for start-up creations : 1500 per year.

Foreign direct investment (FDI) : France is number 7 world wide, and number 3 in Europe .
About 25 000 foreign companies established in France employ 1,7 million French workers.
France is number 10 worldwide for fresh FDI. On a long term, FDI is stable at the level of 20 Bn € a year. Paris is number 2 in Europe, +22% in 2015.

In 2015, new investment has been decided by about 1000 companies including Facebook, Intel, Samsung, Nokia, Cisco, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, etc.

French companies compete well in IT, connected objects, nomad data, artificial intelligence etc.

French appreciation in international rankings is improving. We won 11 points in the FDI confidence index of AT Kearney, up to the 8th rank. We also won 11 points in the Doing Business ranking of the world bank, up to the 27th rank. The cost of energy is the lowest in Europe and the average working hours per week is higher than in major partners. Barriers to trade and investment are below the OECD average. Labour cost is at par with euro-zone average and below Germany’s.

The foreign share of the CAC 40 companies is stable at 45,3%, mostly long term investment from emerging economies. France is number 2 in Europe for Chinese investment. But 96% of FDI comes from developed countries.

Tourism is a major sector of French economy with 2 million jobs and 7,4% of the GDP. 85 million tourists came to France in 2015, worldwide number 1. Aware of the diminution, mainly in Paris, this year of foreign tourists due to terrorist acts, the government and the profession have deepened their cooperation to improve the security of the tourists and to strengthen the attractive of tourism in France, including better access to internet and better training for the staff.

French productions : is number 1 for wine and among the main worldwide producers of cereals, sugar, dairy products (Danone) and beef meat. It is leading in automotive (Renault, PSA and Michelin for tires), aeronautics and space (EADS and Airbus), electronics, civil nuclear (Areva), pharmaceutical, cosmetics and luxury (LVMH, Kering). Without any domestic production, Total still is number 5 worldwide in Oil and gas production.

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