Declaration by the local Presidency ( 10 August 2004)

The EU Heads of Mission in Kathmandu met with the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs on 9 August to discuss recent developments in Nepal, incl. the grave human rights situation in the country, and to present an EU Presidency Declaration issued by the EU Presidency on 30 July 2004.

The EU Presidency Declaration reads as follows :

“The Presidency of the EU welcomes the formation of a multi-party government in Nepal under Prime Minister Deuba and the opportunity for peace, which this development presents. The Presidency of the EU pledges its full political support to the new Government in its efforts to resolve the crisis in Nepal.

The Presidency of the EU calls on all sides to the conflict to bring an end to the violence, to agree a renewed cease-fire as soon as possible and to look for practical measures to build confidence and create a climate for a meaningful and sustainable peace process. The Presidency of the EU also calls on all concerned to respect human rights.

In this context, the Presidency of the EU calls upon the government to take appropriate action to implement their Human Rights Commitment including the signature, without unnecessary delay, of the Memorandum of Understanding with the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights providing for substantial international technical assistance to the National Human Rights Commission in Kathmandu.

The Presidency of the EU expresses particular concern at this time about Maoist violence and other practices, including terrorist attacks, the use of child soldiers, extortion, abduction and forced indoctrination. It calls upon the Maoists to cease these activities immediately.

The EU will monitor the situation closely and will calibrate its policies according to developments.”

Royal Danish Embassy

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