Declaration by the Presidency on behalf of the European Union in response to the statement of cease-fire by Chairman Prachanda, CPN(M) - 6 September 2005

The EU welcomes the declaration by the CPN(M) of a unilateral cease-fire. The EU urges the CPN(M) to take concrete steps towards a permanent end to the use of violence for political ends. The EU condemns such violence by the Maoists, which has caused considerable suffering and hardship to the Nepalese people. All political forces now need to work strenuously for a democratically based peace process leading to a durable negotiated solution, involving a national consensus and reintegration of the CPN(M) into a multi-party democracy.

The EU therefore urges the CPN(M) to implement their latest undertakings in good faith, and the government to respond positively and concretely, with a view to building the necessary confidence required for a political solution to the conflict. The EU continues to believe that such a solution will require the assistance of an independent and credible external partner and the active support of the international community. In the wider context, the EU stands ready to consider positively requests for whatever types of assistance the Nepalese political forces agree are appropriate.

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