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Nepal-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NFCCI) has been registered with His Majesty’s Government on September 3, 1995. NFCCI’s objective of establishing this organization has been to facilitate the existing relations between Nepalese and French business and to further promote in the development of trade, tourism and industry.


The socio-economic and business development of the country through the promotion of business and industry is taken as its mission by the NFCCI.
Main Aims and Objectives of NFCCI :
Established in 1995 with the aim of the promoting business and trades between Nepal and France. NFCCI has adopted the following set of objectives.

1. To promote or arrange contacts and relations between the business communities, industrialists, traders, economic experts and other business professionals of Nepal and France.
2. To compile data on Nepal and France on trade, industry, economic co-operation, tourism etc. And to establish an Information and Documentation centre.
3. To arrange for the transfer of technology and investment promotion between Nepal and France.
4. To promote industrial, trade, services and economic relations between Nepal and France by organizing visit by Nepalese and French Professionals.
5. To sponsor and help sponsor organization of commercial and industrial exhibition.
6. To mediate in the events of dispute between the traders and industrialists of Nepal and France when requested by the party or parties concerned.
7. To publish papers, magazines, books or booklets exchange these publications with French counter-part. To try to advance industry, trade technology and joint ventures & with this in mind to organize conferences, symposia, trade fairs, exhibitions etc.
8. To establish relations with the Chamber of Commerce and business in France.

Membership Category and Qualification

NFCCI has three categories of members:

i. Ordinary Member
The ordinary memberships are open to any firm, company, chamber or association registered in Nepal. At the same time, any economist, jurist (legal expert) and professional having higher academic degree from France and engaged in the industrial and commercial promotion activities will be entitled to the ordinary membership. Nepalese temporarily domiciled in France are also entitled to the ordinary membership. The members fee for ordinary member is as follows:
a. Entry Fee: NRs. 1000.00 (One time only)
b. Yearly Fee: NRs. 3500.00
Memberships will have to be renewed every year.

ii. Associate Member
The associate memberships are open to any office in Nepal representing industrial or commercial chamber or association of France. However, an associate member is not entitled to cast vote nor is entitled to be elected or nominated to any post. The membership fee for associate member is:
a. Entry Fee: NRs. 1000.00 (One time only)
b. Yearly Fee: NRs. 3500.00
Memberships will have to be renewed every year.

iii. Honorary Member
The honorary memberships will be conferred to any association, institution or citizen of Nepal and France who provides significant contribution in industrial, commercial and tourism fields. Honorary memberships will be conferred by the decision of the NFCCI.
NFCCI secretariat is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. except on holidays.

Executive Members of NFCCI:

1. Mr. Shyam M. Shrestha - President
2. Mr. C.P. Khetan - Vice President
3. Mr. Bal C. Bajracharya - General _ Secretary
4. Mr. Mahen Shrestha - Treasurer
5. Mr. Pawan Agrawal - Executive Member
6. Mr. Kishore C. Bade Shrestha - Executive Member
7. Mr. Kedar M. Singh - Executive Member
8. Mr. Ramesh Khetan - Executive Member
9. Mr. Rajiv Aryal - Executive Member
10. Mr. Basanta Malla - Executive Member
11. Mr. Jay Ram Shrestha - Executive Member

Contact Details :

Nepal-France Chamber of Commerce & Industry
P. O. Box 630, Kamalpokhari, Hattisar
Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel. 4439591, 4439594
Fax. 4439585

List of joint venture industries in Nepal

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List of joint venture industries inNepal
(Excel - 20 kb)
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List of joint venture industries of Nepal with France as on Jestha 2061 ( May 18, 2004)
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Export of handicraft goods

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Countrywise Export of Handicraft Goods (2004/2005)
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Word - 22 kb
Export of Handicraft Goods
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Nepal’s Trade With France

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Nepal’s Trade With France
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NFCCI’s Executive Member Bio data

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NFCCI’s Executive Member Bio data
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