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So you want to study abroad ? Good idea. But choosing the right host country is probably the most important decision you’ll ever make, one that will affect the course of your personnal and professional life for many, many years.

The newly opened CampusFrance office, inside the Alliance française of Kathmandu, is here to inform you and right now to convince you, in two pages, that France is a great choice to study abroad.

Reason n°1: For the quality and accessibility of its university system

French higher education has a long tradition of openness and accessibility. No distinction is made between French and international students - under French law, the requirements for admission are the same, as are the degrees awarded.

The quality of the country’s educational system is a source of pride for the French people. France devotes fully 20 percent of its annual budget to education. The government closely monitors the quality of instruction as well as the curricular content of the country’s national diplomas.

At present, about 190 000 international students (10 percent of French postsecondary enrolments) have chosen France for all or part of their higher education. They enrich the French system with their culture, experience, energy, and accomplishments.

Reason n°2: You’ll benefit from the depth and breadth of French higher education

France’s 200+ universities and many specialized postsecondary schools are located throughout the country. Large and venerable universities like the Sorbonne are found alongside the modern campuses of leading schools of business and engineering that may enroll no more than a few hundred students in close-knit communities of learning. Specialized schools of a similar size are devoted to art, tourism, health, and many others subjects. They all welcome international applicants.

French higher education system is modern and dynamic and plays a central role in the worlds of science, business and culture. The successes of France’s scientists, engineers, and designers are known around the world through Airbus, the TGV (high-speed train), the Ariane rocket, the discovery of the human immune-deficiency virus, high fashion, luxury goods, and much more.

Reason n°3: French is more an asset than an obstacle

Despite the fears of some, you can study in France without giving up English and whilst learning French, a language spoken by more than 180 million people. While taking a course in English, students can be immersed in an environment that also enables them to learn French as they go about their daily lives.
This may seem paradoxical, but it is precisely because, unlike English, not everyone speaks French, that mastering it becomes an ace up the student’s sleeve for their future career.
In addition to pursuing higher education at a lower cost, speaking French offers genuine opportunities on the international job market. For let’s not forget that French is the official and working languages of the international organisations and principal multilateral bodies (United Nations, European Union, Atlantic Treaty Organisation, Council of Europe, etc.)

Reason n°4: You’ll enjoy the quality of France’s cultural, economic, and social life.

One big benefit of studying in France is the opportunity to live in the place that invented savoir-vivre - the art of living well. Did you know that France is the most visited country in the world?
France is also the world’s fourth largest economy and second largest exporter of services.
In France, you’ll have access to a multitude of athletic, touristic, and cultural activities - all at special student prices. Most of France’s institutions of higher education are located in city centers, close to cultural and social life. Museums, libraries, cinemas, thearters, and cafes are rarely very far away.

Reason n°5: The CampusFrance desk will help you from your dream to its materialization

While the desire to study in France is strong, having to make arrangements from thousands of miles away can sometimes be discouraging. How do you find what you want from the profusion of courses available? How do you enrol?? How do you plan your stay???

Don’t panic, ways are provided to transform this obstacle course into an easy run.

Nobody is better placed than CampusFrance to help you choose programs and institutions that suit your preferences, academic goals, and educational background. By choosing the right program you won’t waste time and money relearning material you’ve already mastered. This step usually leads to the identification of three possible programs. The service is free for any international student.

Furthermore, if you want to go ahead, CampusFrance offers service plans: preparation of a set of application materials for submission to the institution you’ve chosen; personal welcome at the airport in France and transfer to your new residence or study site; arrangement for housing, available immediately upon arrival.

Remember, CampusFrance is not a commercial service. It is a public body created by the French ministries of education and foreign affairs.

To take advantage of CampusFrance services, visit the newly opened CampusFrance office in Nepal, inside the Alliance française of Katmandou!

Mr. Prabin Bikram RANA and Mr. Niranjan NEUPANE
CampusFrance Nepal in-charge

Dernière modification : 19/01/2012

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