COP 21 / Paris 2015

COP21, also referred to as Paris 2015, will be one the largest international conferences ever organized in France.

France is facing a dual challenge :

- as host country, France must ensure that thousands of delegates and observers are welcomed in the best possible conditions, for a period of two weeks, under the auspices of the United Nations,

- in its capacity of COP President, France must act as a facilitator with all parties taking part in the negociations, in order to build up trust, to narrow differences and to reach an agreement unanimously.


A conference of parties with unprecedented challenges

This Conference is crucial as it should result in an international agreement on Climate to contain global warming below 2°. On the basis of works undertaken by the COP20 in Lima, the COP21 must reach a set of decisions in December 2015, including:

- An ambitious and binding deal for all countries
- National contributions (iNDC) presenting the efforts that each country considers achievable
- Climate change funding will be a crucial component. A milestone has been reached in that direction with the first capitalization of the Green fund
- Initiatives taken at sub-state level (NGOs, local authorities, companies) will increase general mobilization.

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