Book launch of "The Mission of the Newars" by Mr Arnaud Champy

Kathmandu, 25 July 2018

Mr Arnaud Champy, Chargé d’Affaires, participated at the book launch of «The Mission of the Newars: Upholding Nepal Bhasa and Buddha Dharma”. The book is by a French researcher Dr Frédéric Monroval.

Speech given at the occasion by Mr. Champy

Ladies and gentlemen

It is a great pleasure for me to be here today for the launch of a book by Mr. Frédéric Monroval, The Mission of the Newars: Upholding Nepal Bhasa and Buddha Dharma

Frédéric is a French anthropologist who is passionate about Nepal, its culture and peoples and can’t get enough of this wonderful country 

Frederic carries the torch of research on Nepal and its various aspects which is not new for France and especially so on Newars. His work is the fruit of a long tradition of study on Newari culture which was initiated by Mr Gérard Toffin, a noted French anthropologist and the director for the French Center for Himalayan Studies and whose doctoral thesis was on the Newars of Kathmandu valley. In the 90s, Mr Toffin was also involved in overseeing the restoration of the Newari village of Panauti.

As a representative of the French government, it gives me immense pleasure to learn that cultural and scientific cooperation such as this bearing fruit. It is only through research works that we produce and develop scientific knowledge. This is the reason why France invests considerably in academic research activities and we have more and more students choosing France as their destination for higher research activities.

Frédéric, I look forward to immersing myself in your book and am sure will learn a lot from it.

I take this opportunity to congratulate Frédéric for his valuable work and also would like to say a big thank you to all the Nepali researchers and translators who worked on this project for free.

I hope this work would help expand the knowledge we have on the Newars and that it would be a valuable asset in the domain of research.
Thank you and Namaskar.


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