An interview with Mr. Shyam Shrestha

How do you shed light on the activities and programme of the Nepal France Chamber of Commerce & Industry and progress made by it in the past years?

- First of all, let me admit that the activities and programme on behalf of Nepal France Chamber of Commerce & Industry (NFCCI) are in a limited manner attributed to a) the political situations in the country for last several years have been deterrent to business and industries. b) the French business firms have not shown much interest in Nepal mainly, due to insecure business opportunity as well as small size a market.

Nepal France Chamber of Commerce & Industry had organized Trade Expo in France Two years before? What are the impact, impression, and success of that Expo? Are you thinking to organize the next in France? What is your experience about holding such expo?

- Yes, NFCCI organized trade expo in Paris in November 2004 for which Paris Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CCIP) as well as Municipality of Paris also joined hand in an effort to attract French buyers but success was achieved in a very lower scale, Paris Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CCIP) had circulated Nepal Expo information to over 300,000 members of their monthly business bulletin and Municipality of Paris had displayed Nepal Expo information on their large electronic publicity boards in the streets of Paris.
But unfortunately, the turn-out was still not satisfactory. I think the impression of Nepal at the time in French peoples eyes were mostly civil war, killings and demonstrations going on in Nepal which were shown in the media.

Is there any industry established in Nepal under the joint venture of the Government of Nepal and France or the Nepalese and French industrialists? If not, is there any possibility of the industry to be established under such joint venture? What role has your Chamber been playing in this regard?

- There are not many French joint ventures in Nepal
and the prospect depends on how well the country
will fare in the days to come.

Will you kindly enlighten our readers on the programme to be organized in future under the initiative of Nepal France Chamber of Commerce & Industry?

- At present, we are watching to see how the political stability and peace will resume in Nepal. We will definitely try to make another effort to promote Nepalese business in France and this time, we will include tourism sectors as well. Moreover, we will concentrate our visit in other big cities of France rather than just Paris.

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