Ambassador Carmona’s speech at the alumni networking forum at the Alliance Française

Kathmandu, October 25:

Ambassador Carmona attended the alumni networking forum at the Alliance Française on Higher Education in Europe.

Ambassador’s speech

It is a great pleasure for me to say a few remarks about higher education in Europe.
First of all, my deep hearted thanks to the European Union and this world wide famous program. It shows very clearly to the EU citizens and other people in the world how valuable the EU is for the young people. I would have dreamed when I was a student to be provided with all these opportunities for studying in other European countries. Only the very rich could afford that ! Now, thanks to Erasmus, it has been much more affordable and compatible with domestic education.

International contacts are very important for research and research is a high priority for France.

A few figures show it :
•Investment in R&D: €48 billion
• More than 260 000 researchers, 60% of them in industry
• More than 75,000 students enrolled in doctoral programs
• Share of GDP devoted to research: 2.26%
I won’t list all our successes in science but you know France is regularly able to get a Nobel prize in scientific matters like professor Jean Pierre Sauvage in chemistry this year.

Erasmus allows for huge numbers of students to travel.
Overall, a record number of students (272,497) from 3,456 higher education institutions travelled to another European country to study or train through Erasmus in 2013-14, representing a year-on-year increase of 2 per cent. Three-fifths (60.5 per cent) of these students were women.

According to the report Erasmus: Facts, Figures and Trends, Spain received the most Erasmus students (39,277) in 2013-14, maybe due to the famous movie “Spanish apartment” followed by Germany (30,964), France (29,621), the UK (27,401) and Italy (20,204). These countries also sent the most students abroad, led again by Spain (37,235). The UK received almost twice as many students as it sent (15,610). France sent around 27000 students.

Erasmus Mondus. is an extension to many countries of Erasmus and among many nationalities, 46 Nepalese students have taken advantage of it in 2016
Finally, if you are interested in studies in France, don’t hesitate to knock at Campus France door here, in Alliance française.

The Campus France Office in Nepal is the only French Government Agency for the promotion of Higher Education in France. It helps students to find out appropriate study program of their education field and guide them for their enrollment procedure. It also prepares them for visa application.

It plays a big part to promote Erasmus Mundus scholarship program by informing them about its application procedure.

Thank you for your attention.
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