Ambassador Carmona Inaugurates Salyantar Higher Secondary School [fr]

Salyantar, Dhading, October 24:

Ambassador Carmona inaugurated Salyantar Higher Secondary School in Salyantar, Dhading, which was re-built with the help of a French NGO, Montagne & Partage.

Ambassador Carmona is grateful to the association "Montagne et Partage" and congratulates all the stakeholders who worked hard to make this project happen.

Ambassador’s inaugural speech

Dear officials, teachers and students of Salyantar Higher Secondary School,
Dear Gérard CLERMIDY, Président of Montagne & Partage France
Dear Mr Sherpa and other members of Montagne et Partage,

It is a pleasure and an honor for me to be here today.

France and Nepal have an excellent relationship and one of the main reasons is the very strong people to people sympathy.

Today’s ceremony is testimony to the strong relationship between our mountain people.

French people have been coming to Nepal for more than 60 years to climb the mountains and Maurice Herzog wrote a famous book every French kid read with excitement.

And the climbers, after they have gone to the top, they focus on the people around. They want to help and that is the reason why so many associations have been created by French mountaineers. Montagne & Partage France have gathered a significant amount of funding to rebuild that school and I am very proud of that commitment.

Thank you.


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