50th anniversary of the first ascension of mount Makalu, by a French team (15th May 2005)

Nepal organized a spectacular festival to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the conquest of Makalu. On 15th May 1955, Jean Couzy and Lionel Terray, members of the expedition team lead by Jean Franco, completed the climb of the fourth highest summit of the world. They were followed, the next day and the day after, by all of their six French companions along with the leader of Sherpas of the expedition. The conquest of the Makalu remains a perfect model of expedition.

The French alpinists and the Ambassador of France had the honour to cross Kathmandu in horse carriage (preceded by musical bands and a parade of young people) in prelude to a series of events: press conference, film projections, seminars, launching of a commemorating stamps and a book, plantation, felicitation ceremony, dinner and cultural spectacle.

The French Federation of Mountain and Climbing (FFME), the National High School of Ski and Alpinism of Chamonix, along with the French ministry for youth and the sports took part in this event, not to mention many alpinists of various nationalities.

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